Drag Show Where Woman Exposed Herself to Children Was Marketed for ‘All Ages’

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For reasons still unclear to this writer, it’s apparently controversial to suggest that children shouldn’t be exposed to sexualized performances.

And to be clear, that sentence has nothing to do with the LGBT movement. Regardless of the level of mental disturbance of the performers, children shouldn’t be exposed to them.


But now, a sentence that has everything to do with the far-left LGBT movement: Quit going after children, you freaks.

Oh, you’re not going after kids? Then explain this:


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WARNING: The following video contains graphic content that the viewer may find disturbing.

That exercise in shameless debauchery, captured by the conservative student activist group Campus Reform, isn’t fit for consumption by anyone of any age, let alone minors.

Should children be exposed to drag shows?

Yes: 0% (0 Votes)

No: 100% (8 Votes)

And yet, according to Campus Reform, minors were somehow allowed in the audience to watch this gross display.

The event in question, promoted as an “Illegal Drag Show,” was hosted by the LGBT group Rainbow Continuum on June 2 at Oregon State University.

But notice anything a bit odd about the Instagram post advertising the event? You know, aside from the sinister nature of it all.

After the hideous “Be Gay. Do Crime” slogan, you get some basic information about the event, such as the location, date and time.


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And then it says “All ages; Adult Themes.” That paradox leaves little to the imagination.

This drag show was, by its own admission, specifically intended to expose people of all ages (so not all adults) to adult themes.

And if there’s any doubt about the “adult themes” part, again, just watch the video above. There was literally a bare-chested woman lifting weights at one point in the show.

Two quick asides:

  1. Taking the nudity out of it, who the heck is entertained by watching a flabby person pump iron?

This is pointless filth at its most base level. Even that horrific play about pedophiles at least had the potential to be well-acted or well-produced.

There are truly no redeeming qualities to whatever this “Illegal Drag Show” was trying to be. Setting aside all the other more pressing concerns, it had all the production value of a middle school play.

So what are you, and the children, left with?

Nudity. Degeneracy. Sin.

Sorry, but no child needs any of that in his life.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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