DISGUSTING! Police Find Crusty Towel In Peeping Tom’s Car

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An Illinois man is due to appear in court in connection with his arrest for masturbating inside his car while parked outside a high school homecoming dance. The lewd act allegedly included a bottle of Suave body lotion and a “crusty” pink towel.

Curtis Hutchings, 55, was arrested shortly after a group of female students called the police to report that a naked guy was pleasuring himself inside a Chevrolet Monte Carlo outside the main entrance to Belleville Township High School East.

Situated in the parking lot’s front row, Hutchings’s vehicle “had an unobstructed view of the students arriving and leaving the dance,” according to a revolting police report.

When officers approached Hutchings, they noticed he was dressed in a strapless pink tutu-style dress and high heels. Told of the report that he was naked and masturbating, “Hutchings denied any knowledge of the incident.”

However, as cops noted, a bottle of hand cream was on the passenger side floorboard and a pink towel was on the seat next to Hutchings. The car was also filled with women’s clothing (“Hutchings stated that he is transgender”). Asked about the towel and hand cream, Hutchings reportedly explained that “the towel is to masturbate on to.” He offered no comment about the hand cream.

A patrolman described Hutchings’s hands as appearing “greasy and shiny.” The officer also felt compelled to provide further details of the crime scene: “The towel was covered with off-white crusty stains. A few of the stains appeared wet.”

Belleville Police Department Officer Dan Cook then had the unfortunate responsibility to seize the used towel and bottle of lotion, which were subsequently brought to the evidence room at police headquarters.

Hutchings was ultimately charged with felony public indecency since the alleged incident took place at a school. He is now free on $5000 bond and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Circuit Court later this year.

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