Dem’s Plan Set To Blow Up In Their Faces: Key Demographic Is Sick Of Their B.S.

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When Biden took office one of the first things he did is ruin the border security Trump worked so hard on. Biden practically gave us an open southern border. But aside from screwing over the many Americans who live along the border, the Dems appear to have a plan to use these illegals to fluff their electorates. But a recent poll shows that Hispanics are sick of Dems, and many are switching sides to the GOP. So Dems plan to water down American votes with illegals could soon blow up in their faces.

Many Hispanic voters, long a reliable part of the Democratic coalition, have walked away. It is not — yet — a majority of them, but the numbers are dramatic. Biden won 750,000 fewer Hispanic voters in 2020 than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 — in an Electoral College victory, he nearly lost by fewer than 45,000 votes in three states. Donald Trump improved his margin with these voters by eight percentage points in four years, according to an analysis by the Democratic firm Catalist — a larger swing than any among white, black or Asian voters.

It gets worse. Biden’s approval ratings are awful across the board, but his support has eroded more among Hispanic voters than with any other racial group. A Pew/Marist poll from December showed his approve/disapprove numbers with Hispanic voters were 33/65, a net -32, while they were 40/56 with whites, a net of -16.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll showed Hispanic voters splitting their support between both parties, with just 37% of them backing Democrats in the House of Representatives if the midterm elections were held today, compared to the 60% they gave Democrats last November. Republicans would also garner 37% if the election were today. While Biden won 63% of Hispanic voters in 2020, this poll showed they would split their support in a 2024 rematch, with 44% for Biden and 43% for Trump.”

The data shows Hispanic voters not only rejected the left’s embrace of socialism but that they prioritized the issue of jobs and the economy over all else, even if they were critical of Trump’s stand on immigration and the border wall.”

I bet you Dems will suddenly care about illegals voting if the majority of Hispanics switch sides. As it is right now, Dems are not picky, they will accept votes from Americans, illegals, and even the recently departed.


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