Congressman DEMANDS Mueller End The Trump Witchhunt

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Andrew Biggs, of Arizona, appeared with Hannity where he has called for Mueller to end his Trump manhunt.

And indeed, the direction of his investigation has gone pretty left field where he now seems to be looking into meddling in the middle east.

What happened to Russia? Was that a nothing burger?

As Written, Reported By and Seen First on Fox News:

DAVID WEBB, GUEST HOST: Welcome to “Hannity.” I’m David Webb, in for Sean tonight. Major, major break-in news about the fake news anti-Trump dossier. Byron York from the Washington Examiner now reporting that House Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunes, is issuing a subpoena to David Kramer who is a former “State Department” employer with ties to Senator John McCain and according to York, Kramer traveled to London in November of 2016 to meet with then dossier author Christopher Steele.

Kramer then gave the dossier to Senator McCain when he returned to the U.S. And Byron also reporting that during a December interview with House investigations Kramer said he knew the Russian sources Steele used in the dossier key point but refused to name them.

Also, tonight congressional Republicans continue to call out the bias in the Russia investigation. Congressman Andy Biggs penned an op-ed for USA Today with a title, “Mr. Mueller, End The Witch Hunt.”

And joining us now that aforementioned congressman, Andy Biggs joining me. Congressman, great to see you.

REP. ANDREW BIGGS, R-ARIZ..: Thanks, David. Good to be with you.

WEBB: All right. Let’s dive right into this. The timeline matters here in the travel to collect the information to bring it back to the United States, hand it off. So, with the new subpoena and the subpoena powers of Devin Nunes, do we see connecting the dots as a part of this strategy?

BIGGS: Well, I think so. I mean, Chairman Nunes is doing a great job by issuing that subpoena and demanding answers and we, in Congress, have to keep ratcheting this up because we know there’s bias. We know there is conflict. We know that — I mean, with 10,000 emails that got taken away from the Trump transition team, we know that those weren’t really gone through with a normal ……..

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