Watch Morning Joe Hosts Have An Anti-Trump MELTDOWN

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The hosts of “Morning Joe”, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, seemed to have melted down during the segment below while discussing the treatment of the Department of Justice as well as the FBI.

It’s nonsense, right? We know that some of the folks IN POWER seriously abused that power… there needs to be a “purge”.

Don’t get me wrong… we’re all people and we’re all going to have our own opinions but when you’re in a job like that and more so in a position like that, leave that sh*t at the door!

Here, they accuse Trump of a “sleazy political purge” but there’s nothing sleazy about it — Trump realizes his uphill battles and clearly wants to take steps to clear that path and hopefully clear a path for future bias, no matter the side.

“Many who did read Nunes’ memo say it falsely summarized a reality and filled with all of these falsehoods and these, these misleading conclusions, all in an attempt to slur law enforcement officers, that Donald Trump — I don’t know how I should say this, he’s targeted them for a political purge,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe.” “So this is a cynical game that Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes that anybody that empowers Devin Nunes is playing.”

“They push to release a memo that is distorted by what’s in it, and what’s distorted by what is not in it,” he said. “And they know that will misinform the public but they also know this, Mika — they know that the facts that would actually allow Americans to know the entire truth about what happened, are so highly classified, that guess what, the public will never get to see those details. And for good reason, because we don’t want classified information out.”

“So Ryan and Nunes want to release a half-truth that turns out to be a whole lie. A twisted and distorted lie. Since Ryan thinks the public will never learn the full facts, he and Nunes can skate by on their lie,” Scarborough concluded. “They can smear the men and women of the FBI. They can smear the professionals at the Justice Department, who said this would be really reckless to put out there. They can smear distinguished FISA judges and they can smear the entire intelligence community by extension. All to take part in a sleazy political purge that we’ve been seeing unfolding before our eyes, to feed the paranoid and maniacal desires of Donald Trump.”

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