Clown News Network Gives Sympathetic Interview To Gang Members

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CNN, perhaps thinking it would resonate with their audience, gave some rather sympathetic interviews to gang members of MS-13 and even allowed them to go as far as to blame President Trump for “making them stronger” despite the aggressive take-down policies being given.

Basically the claim is that by deporting illegals, they recruit them….

“This gang might actually be getting stronger,” Poppy Harlow teased the report. “Why? The Trump administration’s own policies.”

“We sat down with two MS-13 gang members,” Dan Lieberman, who led the report, said. “And all of them sort of described a situation where the level of fear among immigrants is so high that its actually emboldening the gang.”

“Murders from MS-13 don’t only hurt one family, but hurt both,” one gang member said. “If you get caught, your family’s never gonna see you again.”

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