City on Edge as Alarming Number of Children Disappear!

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With nearly thirty children reported missing in only two weeks, the Cleveland Police Department is dealing with an alarming increase in incidents involving missing children.

According to John Majoy, the chief of police in Newburgh Heights, between May 2 and May 16, at least 27 children were reported missing.

Chief Majoy, who is also the board president for Cleveland Missing, has expressed grave concern about the rising incidence of kidnappings involving children between the ages of 12 and 17, saying that the problem will reach “unprecedented levels” in 2023.

“There’s always peaks and valleys with missing persons, but this year it seems like an extraordinary year,” Majoy told Fox News Digital.

“For some reason, in 2023, we’ve seen a lot more than we normally see, which is troubling in part because we don’t know what’s going on with some of these kids, whether they’re being trafficked or whether they’re involved in gang activity or drugs,” he added.

Independent reported:

According to the police chief, the majority of the cases were likely runaways, but he feared that young teenagers could also have fallen victim to predators, who could be “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

There were a total of 56 active missing children cases in Cleveland as of mid-May.

Most of the disappearances do not make the news unless there is an Amber Alert, he lamented, adding that solving the cases becomes difficult because often there is a lack of photos of the victims.

Mr Majoy emphasised that he has never seen such high numbers of missing children in his 33-year career.

“It’s a silent crime that happens right under our noses,” he said.

“The problem is where are they? Where do they go? They can be in a drug house or farmed to prostitution or caught up in drug trafficking or gangs.”

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We are a society in rapid decline.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to arm yourselves to protect your loved ones from the evil that is around us.


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