Racist Florida Man Attacks Teen Girls And Its All On Video

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Why is it anytime a story about a man from Florida comes along its downright crazy? This one is about a man who verbally attacks three teenage girls, one of which happens to be black. He threatens to call security and have them all arrested. One of the girls gets the whole showdown on video.

This confrontation happened in Wellington, Florida, when the man allegedly began following the girls in his car as they were riding in a golf cart.

He seems to be upset about the golf cart blocking him and instead of just passing them he chose to tailgate them. When the cart approached the home of Breonna Nelson-Hicks, she and another girl hopped off to go inside but the man continues his chase on foot.

The man is seen accusing the girls of not belonging in the neighborhood, then said he would call the gate and have them all arrested. He clearly says, “You do not deserve to be in here.”

He also says some really disturbing things about the age of consent.


When the young girls had had enough of the man’s threats Breonna went into the house to get her grandfather, Tony Nelson. The grandfather questions the man about threatening his granddaughter and the other girl and the man denies everything. That is when the girls are told to go into the house and the video ends.

Sorry buster, the whole thing is on video!

The conversation does not end there. The police report says the man continued to defend his actions, but at one point offered to apologize to the teens.

For grampa, the damage had been done, Breonna was “hysterical” after the incident and that is why he called the cops himself to file a report.

Local law enforcement is still looking into it but as of right now no crimes were committed by any parties.

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