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Simply north of Atlanta, Georgia exists Lake Lanier– understood to locals except its ideal panoramas and also serene coves, (of which there are plenty), yet instead for its grim and gruesome reputation.

Lake Lanier is a synthetic body of water whose creation came with the expenditure of an entire town of citizens that were forcibly removed before the valley in which they lived was flooded. This includes churches, residences, filling station, as well as even a cemetery currently obscured by the numerous gallons of water that were pumped into the area.

This, together with the lake’s various deaths as well as drownings, have pressed residents to avoid the summer season area in any way costs.

This week, Lake Lanier’s body count rose again.

A 20-year-old man sank while swimming in Lake Lanier over the Memorial Day weekend.

The Georgia Division of Natural Resources claimed that its game wardens responded to the scene to help in finding the male making use of side scan finder. The body of the man, who was not recognized, was then recouped by the county fire division.

Lake Lanier, on the borders of Atlanta, was created by the united state Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950s, in part for flood administration. At its deepest, the lake is about 160 feet deep, according to the Corps.

Twitter customers fasted to advise the globe of the lake’s uneasy document.

We’ll stay with the theme park, thank you very much.

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