BREAKING: Elon Musk Will Take Twitter DOWN

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Do you think Elon Musk frightens Twitter? Allow me place it this way, Musk is worth $224 billion bucks and the market cap for Twitter is simply $30.9 billion bucks. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, as well as Google flourish because they can use their money to drive rivals out of the marketplace. Musk can not be cleared out by Twitter. Musk has actually been struck by the cancel society and also snubbed by the Biden administration in the promo of electric autos.

He is dealing with mad as well as to please himself that there is a place for him in the market, he ran a study and also got responses from greater than two million people. The concern was:

“Free speech is essential to an operating democracy. Do you believe Twitter carefully adheres to this concept?”

70.4% responded no to the concern. That action must come as not a surprise as Twitter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Autonomous event as well as they censor traditionalists who attempt resist their misinformation. And also it maintains becoming worse day by day. No person doubts that Musk could supply a rival wh2o could be more than a match for Twitter. His document for success is unequaled. He was the original owner of a firm he marketed to eBay which is currently called PayPal.

“Is a brand-new system required?” he asked.

“Acquire twitter,” political commentator Mike Cernovich reacted. “If you’re a leftist making fatality dangers versus traditionalists. or arranging riots, Twitter respects your free speech. Twitter also respects the freedom of speech for media hoaxes like when every major outlet mounted an innocent Covington senior high school child.”

Musk responded, “Doesn’t sound really balanced.”

Musk conducted one more informal poll on Twitter on Thursday in which he asked if “Twitter [‘s] formula needs to be open resource.”

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