BLM ‘Activist’ Shaun King Bought A Dog With Donor Funds That Costs As Much As A Car

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It’s been a few months since we last checked in on Shaun King.

King burst onto the public scene in the wake of the Ferguson riots and the ensuing battles over race leading all the way up to our current Black Lives Matter-infused racial landscape. Conservatives had King pegged as a grifter from the start.

His credibility in the general public began to hit the skids when the Rachel Dolezal controversy brought a lot of questions about King’s own racial identity.

And now, the left-wing Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist welcomed a new show dog to his family just days after his political action committee (PAC) gave thousands to a dog breeder company using donor money from his political action committee, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The report was documented in the Free Beacon and said King had used money donated to his political PAC named “Grassroots Law” in order to buy the Mastiff and prize show dog named Marz.

The PAC made two payments adding up to $40,650 to Potrero Performance Dogs in California in December and February, according to the report.

Payments made to the breeder were labeled as “contractor services.” However, The Washington Free Beacon reports King welcomed Marz, a brown and black-spotted mastiff, as “a new member of the King family” on his social media days after he finalized the purchase in February.

The announcement said Marz would provide “alertness and protection” for his family.

But according to the New York Post, King returned the dog to the breeder and has since deleted the post or made it private.

King, who co-founded Grassroots Law PAC in 2020 and was a vocal supporter of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid in 2020, has been rebuked for his past financial dealings.

DeRay Mckesson, who sat on the board of another PAC founded by King in 2015 called Justice Together, which disbanded in 2015, accused King in 2019 of concealing PAC finances and misrepresenting the group.

Another group King co-founded, the Real Justice PAC, was also ordered by the City of Philadelphia in December 2021 to pay $30,000 for campaign finance violations in connection to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s race, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Last year, the mother of a 12-year-old black boy killed by police slammed King and Grassroots Law PAC for fundraising off the incident.

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