Biden Drops A Bombshell When Asked About His Plans For 2024

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President Joe Biden has now given his first press conference as Commander in Chief, 65 long days into his first term.

During that hour-long ordeal, Biden fielded a great many questions on a great many subjects. Surprisingly, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic didn’t come up, with Biden instead spending a great deal of time reassuring reporters that the situation at the border was still under control.

But then he was asked about the possibility that he’d run again in 2024, to which the septuagenarian gave a surprising response.

President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday he would run for re-election in 2024, marking the first time he committed to it.

“The answer is yes,” Biden said. “My plan is to run for reelection. That’s my expectation.”

Biden spoke about his political future during a press conference at the White House on Thursday.

He laughed when a reporter noted former President Donald Trump already set up his reelection campaign at this point in his administration but Biden had not.

“My predecessor needed to,” Biden laughed. “My predecessor. Oh God, I miss him.”

But then…

When pressed on his assertion that he would run for re-election, Biden pushed back.

“Look, I don’t know where you guys come from, man … I am a great respecter of fate. I have never been able to plan for 3.5 years ahead for certain,” he said.
He appeared exasperated when a reporter asked him whether he expected to run against former President Donald Trump in 2024, claiming he did not even think about it.

“I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party,” he said. “Do you?”

Biden seemed reluctant to even run in 2020, and had, during that very campaign, suggested that he would be a “transitionary”, one-term leader.

But, then again, confusion is nothing new for Joe Biden.

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