Bernie’s Place In The Polls Makes Him An Easy Target

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When you are on the top of the Democratic primary game, you better be prepared to be dragged through the mud.

That is a hard lesson to learn for any candidate with any hope of whiffing the nominatin has to learn during these early-voting times. Bernie Sanders is learing that lesson now as he grasps the lead handily and the rest of the field is joining together to drag him down.

If Sanders should take the upcoming South Carolina primary, followed by even a moderatly decent showing on Super Tuesday, there would be no chance in hell to stop him from earning the nomination.

So, in a desperate atempt to save the Democratic Party from itself, the great Palmetto State debate regressed into a Bernie-bashing hullabaloo.

…Pete Buttigieg pointed to Sanders’ self-described democratic socialism and his recent comments expressing admiration for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s push for education.

“I am not looking forward to a scenario where it comes down to Donald Trump with his nostalgia for the social order of the 1950s and Bernie Sanders with a nostalgia for the revolutionary politics of the 1960s,” the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, declared.

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg took an underhanded approach.

From the earliest moments of the debate, Bloomberg sought to portray a clear contrast with Sanders. He said Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agree that Sanders would be the best outcome for the Democrats.

“Vladimir Putin thinks Donald Trump should be president of the United States and that’s why Russia is helping you get elected so you lose to him,” Bloomberg said.

Even Elizabeth Warren, a rumored potential VP pick for Sanders himself, could’nt help but get in on the action, saying that while she did agree with Bernie on many points, that she would make a better President than he.

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