Another Electric Car Caught Fire While Charging In Owner’s Home

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In what seems like a daily occurrence, another electric car has gone up in flames.

A Jaguar electric vehicle reportedly caught fire inside a Florida man’s home garage following a short drive.

Photos and video of the June 16 incident in Boynton Beach have surfaced online showing the Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle completely destroyed and burned beyond recognition.

We have previously reported self-immolating electric buses, deadly battery fires after an EV car crash that engulfed two helpless teens, and while not ultimately deadly, countless other episodes where electric vehicles simply failed completely.

All of this, again, doesn’t even cover the fact that electric vehicles get their charge from an outlet that relies almost entirely on fossil fuels

Good grief. If Agenda 2030 and its terrifying eco-communism weren’t coming down our throats so fast it’d all be just a really bad joke.

Salazar provided photos to Electrek showing the aftermath of the fire.

More details of this yet another horror of having an EV from the ‘Electrek’ report:

Another Jaguar I-Pace battery caught on fire without any crash after simply sitting charging in a garage. This is the fourth known I-Pace battery fire that seemingly started on its own, which is starting to be significant considering the relatively small number of units on the roads.

Jaguar also uses LG battery cells like the Bolt EV and Kona EV, which were both recalled for battery fire risks. Is this another Bolt EV battery fire situation?

The I-Pace is Jaguar’s first and only all-electric vehicle.

It came out in 2018, and we positively reviewed the vehicle for its sporty design in addition to its decent range and charging capacity at the time, but that was a few years ago.

The vehicle has barely been updated over the last four years, and it is now showing its age. But now, there might an even bigger issue with the electric SUV.

In 2020, Gonzalo Salazar bought a new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace in Florida; he had been driving the electric car without issue for a few years until an incident in June 2022. Salazar described the incident in an email to Electrek:

On June 16, I plugged the car in before going to bed. In the morning of June 17, I woke up and unplugged the car. Later that morning, I set out to run some errands. I drove about 12 miles that morning before returning back home and parking the car back in the garage, leaving the garage door open. As I was doing things at home, I heard pops coming from the garage. I decided to go see where the sounds were coming from, and upon walking into the garage, I faced a thick wall of smoke. My thought immediately was, ‘When there is smoke there is fire,’ and I need to get the car out of the house garage.

Wanting to protect his home and his animals living there, Salazar decided to see if he could get the I-Pace out, even though it was smoking. Surprisingly, he was able to get from his garage to the residential street in front of his house.

He continued:

I went back to the house to get my phone and also noticed that all the smoke in the garage now had filled my entire house because the A/C unit is right next to the garage door. While I was trying to ventilate my house from the smoke I called Jaguar roadside assistance to have them come get the car. When I ended the conversation with them there were more pops, but this time it was followed by fire from under the car. I then called 911 to come help with the situation. But this was not a slow burn, once the fire started there were multiple pops, and the car was just engulfed in flames rapidly.

Watch a video of the car in flames and read the full report HERE.

According to reports, this was the fourth I-PACE to catch fire. What’s more, the same LG pouch battery cells used by Jaguar are also used in other EVs such as Chevy’s Bolt and various Hyundai models. These cars have also experienced battery-related fires.

Sources: WLT, Electrek

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