ALERT: Maxine Seas Ask For Insurrection [VIDEO CLIP]

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Rich Welsh|Rep Maxine Seas (D-CA)– a.k.a. Low IQ Maxine– joined the litany of shouting Democrats as well as Sensitive to other Death Team activists acting out their craze furiously over the Supreme Court’s decision to terminate the Roe v Wade decision on Friday after 49 years.

Waters, functioning the crowd with one more idiot who doesn’t be worthy of to offer in Congress, Agent Al Eco-friendly (D-TX), signed up with militants outside the High court building following the ruling. These two don’t have the slightest clue why the Court sent out abortion back to the states.

Waters told reporters, “You see this turnover here? You ain’t seen absolutely nothing yet,” Waters said, of the rapid as well as furious running around with signs. “Females are mosting likely to regulate their bodies regardless of just how they try and [sic] stop us. The heck with the Supreme Court, we will certainly resist them.”


Seas, chairwoman of the House Financial Solution Board (I recognize. I can not think it either) says abortion fans are over the regulation. She coldly stated abortion supporters are mosting likely to damage the law, to oppose the High court judgment.

I’m surprised Waters didn’t tell the shrieking banshees to assault the justices in a restaurant, in a chain store, at a gasoline station as well as inform them they are not welcome there. Go number.

It had not been all ruin and grief from a group of dopes who have not realized that the Constitution won today.

The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the Constitution does NOT include a right to abortion. It’s simply not in there. You can check out the Constitution, hold it approximately the light, upside-down, and put lemon juice on it, and you’re still not going to find it in there.

There are risks from a team calling itself “Jane’s Revenge” intending a “Night of Craze” where protestors are preparing to strike …


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