After What This Teacher Wrote On A Student’s Test, The Whole Town Wants Her Gone….

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The idea that teachers should act as the students’ second parents stems from the fact that kids frequently spend the majority of their school days with them. However, there are certain teachers who don’t know how to properly deal with students…

One dad from Pennsylvania was outraged after seeing his second-grade son’s work, allegedly the teacher left a pretty nasty comment on his homework. The father then took to social media to criticize the teacher.

Sharing a photo of the hurtful words, the father, Chris Piland writes,My son Kamdyn’s teacher has been so rude to him and myself all year he comes home with this and I am beyond frustrated that someone would write this on a child’s work such great motivation.”

The outraged dad said that his son Kamdyn’s test paper on a 3-minute Math drill was marked by the teacher with, “Pathetic. He answered 13 in 3 mins. Sad.”

The goal of the task was to gauge how many subtraction problems the second-graders could do. The teacher gave the students three minutes to complete them, and she watched in horror as Piland’s son, who performed the lowest in the class, was only able to complete thirteen of them.

Piland knows the teacher isn’t doing their job.

An exemplary teacher seeking to have the best time with their students must show empathy, organizational skills, zeal for the profession, be a cheerful person, and have an interpersonal relationship with each pupil.

These qualities translate as being a kind-hearted, supportive, and understanding adult to the kids. Ultimately it secures the bond between teacher and students and facilitates their learning. And despite many teachers being abreast with the characteristics of an elementary educator, not many are ready to implement it in their relationship with the kids.

Just like for this Teacher who has since been identified as Alyssa Rupp Bohenek.

Instead of motivating the kid to do better next time, she insulted him instead.

And in the hope of getting her fired so she could not abuse her power over any other little second-grade children, Piland started a petition online, not wanting the teacher to get away with her crime against his son.

School superintendent Rose Minniti had no choice but to respond, claiming that the test was disclosed to her and that she has already scheduled a meeting with the accused instructor to look into the charges and determine whether termination is the best course of action; as a response to the outrage.

Minniti said, “It’s a personnel issue, and the results of that are not going to be dictated by social media.”

“It’s going to be dictated by the facts and evidence. As always with everything, we’re going to try to do what’s best for the students and what we need to do for the employee under investigation.”

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