After Getting Fired, An Angry Woman Went To The Wine Aisle And Totally Let It Rip….

A woman who admitted that she could "barely contain her anger" at being fired was filmed on surveillance camera smashing hundreds of bottles of wine at an Argentinian supermarket.

The supermarket reportedly fired employee Evelyn Roldan following an argument on Monday.

But after being told she was dismissed, the 25-year-old flew into a rage and headed straight to the wine aisle to take out her frustration.

Video footage shows her smashing dozens of bottles of red wine at the Apolo supermarket in Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina as she empties the shelves' contents onto the floor in a blind rage.

She ended up being detained in the warden's office after her spree.

She later told reporters she carried out the act "because of the injustices" she had allegedly suffered during her time working at the supermarket.

"Unfortunately, at that moment I was blinded by anger, having had to put up with mistreatment, challenges, neglect, and even smacks or insults so I would not lose the job," she said.

Local media outlets obtained a statement from Evelin after the destruction of the store. She said that she was caught in a “state of rage” after being fired and that the video, which is only eight seconds long, does not reveal the entire picture of what happened that day in the grocery store.

“I hope to be able to have a place to tell the other side of the conflict, as they did when they sent videos and incomplete information, pretending to be totally unaware of what happened,” she wrote.

Evelin claimed that the damage she caused at the grocery store was hardly compared to the horrific treatment she received from the bosses while she was working at the establishment.

She wrote about how she “was blinded by anger, anger at the injustices I experienced inside, accepting the mistreatment, the challenges, being put down, and even ‘slaps’ or insults.”

She added that she was fired from her job without a good reason. The boss simply let her go “without justification, ignoring me and running me from the place without wanting to give me at least one reason.”

Despite her anger, Evelin recognizes that she was “wrong” to cause so much damage.

She claimed her dismissal was unjustified and that she was not even given an explanation for it - although she acknowledged her response was far from ideal.

"I was wrong, and I have paid, as the law decided, for all the damage I caused," she said.

"They leave you like this, without a penny, from one day to the next, without even giving you a reason, an explanation, even an apology.

"I was a good employee, respectful, always available, because from cleaning floors to cutting ham or working at the checkout, I did it with great enthusiasm.

"I want people who saw the video and gave their opinion without knowing the context to know that behind such a big nervous outbreak there are many things at play."

Watch the video of the rage below:

Source: AWM

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