A Mom Is FURIOUS After What The Day Care Was Caught Doing To Her Daughter’s Mouth…

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A furious mom from Melbourne took to Twitter to complain about how her daughter’s tooth was removed by her daycare teacher. Claiming it oversteps the physique autonomy she’s been attempting to instill in her daughter.

The mother, @ThePomKat, claims her child’s daycare teacher removed the pre-schooler’s tooth, even after her upset daughter asked her not to touch it.

The tweet has now been removed after it went viral.

However, thankfully, the mother confirmed that they got the molar from the tooth fairy and are “enjoying the magic” that comes with that.

Despite the happy ending, this story does raise the question about personal boundaries, so as you can imagine, Twitter folk had a field day discussing it.

Many people agreed with the mom, however, others stated the trainer’s determination to remove the tooth was not an enormous deal, and that the mom was overreacting.

“It’s pretty important we empower children to be able to ask an adult to stop touching them,” wrote one.

Another said: “A newbie teacher did that at my old school and immediately was dismissed. We don’t wipe their noses so why would we yank out a tooth.”

Some people felt that the teacher had not done anything too wrong even though they reached into the child’s mouth to pull out a wobbly tooth that the child did not want to be removed by the daycare teacher.

“My elder sister ripped all my wobbly teeth out, she even made them wobbly so she could rip them out! All my teeth are absolutely fine today at 35.”

Another mother said: “I’d be grateful. Nothing worse than pulling teeth.”

A mother added, “I wish one of my kids’ teachers had pulled my kids’ wobbly teeth out! Grossest job out. Parenting really sucks sometimes. Give that worker a medal I say.”

Some other Aussies made it sound like it wasn’t such a big deal that the daycare worker removed the child’s tooth without anyone’s explicit permission.

“Relax, it’s a tooth, not open heart surgery,” another Aussie said.

“Some kids go to school with a tooth barely holding on. If the teacher hadn’t done it, then it could have been swallowed. Good on the teacher for sorting it out.”

But perhaps this teacher has a valid point:

“This mom pointed out how an entrusted adult did not respect her child’s bodily autonomy. We have an entire curriculum from [pre-school]-year 12 developed around this – and for good reason. So the fact that people here have chosen to minimise the mother and child’s experience reflects on them, not her.”

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