4-Year-Old Perfectly Dismantles Woke Gender Ideology in Past Clip of ‘Little Big Shots’

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One clip from NBC’s “Little Big Shots”– though fairly old — has been making its rounds on the internet.

Heidi St. John, founder of MomStrong International, posted it on Instagram recently with the caption, “Facts so basic even a child can explain.”

The video featured a remarkable 4-year-old girl named Brielle explaining the differences between men’s and women’s anatomy, particularly the pelvis, to Steve Harvey.


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“It’s the only bone in the body that’s gender specific,” she told Harvey with an adorable lisp that had the audience chuckling.

“Which means it’s different in boys and girls.”

“Is it?” Harvey responded.

“Yes. The pelvis’s job is to protect the organs used for digesting and reproduction, which means growing babies,” she whispered confidentially to the amazed Harvey.

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While undeniably adorable, the reason this clip has generated so much interest of late is that this intelligent young girl effectively highlighted a fundamental truth that has been muddied in ideological rhetoric and clever wordsmithing of today’s society.

There are only two genders, each with distinct biological differences created for specific biological purposes, including procreation.

This simple, universal, biological fact should be the only information about sex necessary to provide to students at the school level.

The primary mission of schools is to provide students with an education that equips them with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply that knowledge in various contexts.

Academic education encompasses subjects like mathematics, science — including biology — history, and languages, which provide students with the foundation to understand the world around them and navigate their future endeavors.


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It is no secret that our nation’s school system is failing our kids, leaving them behind children in many other countries and unprepared for the future. Our National Assessment of Educational Progress report, also known as The Nation’s Report Card, shows “plummetting” scores for math and reading in U.S. schools.

Yet our nation’s leadership and school boards across the country run by left-wing academics are intent on pushing an agenda that does nothing to empower these children to succeed in life.

Instead, vital funds earmarked for education are spent on “pride” celebrations featuring drag queens and explicit books about sex, which have no educational component.

While teachers, as caregivers, are sometimes called to look after the mental health of their students, we have lost sight of the fact that schools and learning institutions are not intended to serve as psychiatrists’ offices. Nor is it the school’s place to teach children about their access to dangerous procedures to help them mutilate their bodies during a period in their lives when their minds are still developing and may be experiencing confusion.

Let our schools prioritize learning and foster an environment where students are encouraged to think, reason, and develop skills that prepare them for life and the workforce.

That is their job.

Anything else should be considered malpractice.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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