You Won’t Believe Why All The Dogs In This Town Are Turning Blue

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Some people think that having a black cat cross your path is bad luck, or that the birth of a white buffalo could signal that the end of the world is near.

But what about blue dogs following your car on a snowy road in a small Russian city? Do we have any colloquial omens about that?

Packs of dogs in eastern Russia are inexplicably turning up pink and blue.

The bizarre phenomenon has occurred in and around the town of Dzerzhinsk, about 242 miles east of Moscow, near the abandoned Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo chemical plant that once manufactured highly toxic hydrocyanic acid, which is also a core ingredient in a once commonly used “Prussian blue” dye. Experts believe this detail may help explain why some pups are now blue through-and-through — including their excrement, according to vets.

Luckily, the dogs appear to be healthy, but will still be monitored for 20 days to make sure.

Without clearer details, Dmitry Karelkin, head physician of Zoozashchita veterinary hospital, officially blamed the blue hue on “some kind of chemical,” which doesn’t appear to have harmed the animals physically.

Meanwhile, examiners from the Lobachevsky Research Institute of Chemistry at Nizhny Novgorod State University, as well as the Committee for State Veterinary Surveillance, found “no signs of irritating chemical burns,” while results from the blood and stool tests did not reveal significant toxicity.

Photos of the strange looking pooches were soon all over social media.

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