You Won’t Believe Who Joined The Hunt For Wanted Man Brain Laundrie

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Deep in the swamps of Florida, an intense search continues this week…now complete with a number of well-known law enforcement personalities attached to it.

Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of now-deceased Gabby Petito is missing, having gone “hiking” nearly two weeks ago without his cell phone or wallet. If that weren’t fishy enough, he and his parents have been strictly following their lawyers’ suggestion to refuse to cooperate with police who are trying to provide justice for Petito, making Brian Laundrie perhaps the most wanted man in the country.

Now, in addition to John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted having joined the search, another, more irreverent law enforcement celebrity is joining in the hunt.

Dog the Bounty Hunter arrived at Brian Laundrie’s parents’ home Saturday, knocked on the door and met silence, but he’s already picked up a scent.

“The reason I went to Mr. [Christopher] Laundrie is I carry a reputation with me,” he told Fox News Digital moments later. “The reputation is, ‘He gives you a second chance. He’s gonna get you, but he gives you a second chance.’”

The reality TV star and legendary bounty hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, is a father of 13 who lost a daughter around the same age as Gabby Petito in a car accident in 2006. He was already in Florida on a honeymoon with his wife Francie Chapman, he said, when people began reaching out to him to look into Laundrie’s disappearance.

Police have focused their search and the vast wilderness within the Carlton Reserve, near the Laundrie family home, but there are many who seem to believe that Brian and his parents concocted a far more intricate escape plan, and that the wanted man could be just about anywhere at this point.

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