You Won’t Believe What This High Ranking Official Said About The Pentagon’s UFO Claims

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These are strange times here in the United States, with a political divide threatening to rip the Republican Party in half, cryptocurrencies invading the economy wholesale, and now a renewed truthfulness from the American government on subjects that they long looked to keep away from the public eye.

In part thanks to a last-minute addition to a recent COVID-19 relief bill, the federal government is set to release a massive cache of documents related to their knowledge on the subject of UFOs, (which they call “UAP’s”). Ahead of this data drop, there have been a number of high-ranking government officials venturing out into the media in order to prime the pumps, releasing incredible footage and testimony from highly credible sources.

Now, even a former President is speaking up about this mystery of the universe.

Former President Barack Obama has laughed off rumors that the US government has a secret stash of aliens and their spacecraft — while conceding that there really are UFO sightings that the government can’t explain.

“When it comes to aliens, there are some things I just can’t tell you on air,” the 44th commander-in-chief teased James Corden in a video chat on “The Late Late Show” aired early Tuesday.

“Look, the truth is that when I came into office, I asked,” Obama told the British comedian with a laugh.

Obama said that while the government isn’t holding onto any “specimens”, there was no doubt that something troubling was going on.

“But what is true — and I’m actually being serious here — is that there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are,” he said of growing reports of unidentified flying objects.

“We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory … they did not have an easily explainable pattern,” he said of growing reports of sights, many recorded by the Navy.

The Pentagon is due to release its report on the subject by July 1st.

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