Woman BANNED From The Zoo After Inappropriate Relationship Goes Public

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Some people believe in soulmates or love at first sight. They think there is someone for everyone out there you just have to put your heart out and be open for love.

Some even say opposites attract, but this woman has taken that belief to a whole new level which resulted in her getting banned from a Belgian zoo after her long-term relationship with an associate there grew inappropriate.

From TMZ:

The lady’s name is Adie Timmermans, and she just got the boot from the Antwerp Zoo after a 4-year “affair” she’d carried on with one of their chimpanzees, a male named Chita … per reports. Apparently, she’d stop by weekly and interact with the thing behind glass.

As for why she got banned … turns out, Timmermans’ affection for the little guy was screwing with his ability to socialize with the other chimps in his habitat. The zoo reportedly said Chita was being isolated after visiting hours … which is something that happens, it seems, if one starts to get too close to humans. Makes sense — word is Chita used to be an actual pet, so his fondness for people isn’t really his fault, we suppose.

Don’t worry … this unrequited passion didn’t get physical — they say it amounted to blowing kisses and waving and whatnot. So, no monkey sex or anything … thank God. 

We’re all hoping this lady can move on and find someone a little closer to her own species to spend time with.

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