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Albany High School girls’ track team was suspended over a situation that started with wearing sports bras to practice.

13 girls on the 15-member of track and field team at Albany High School in upstate New York received a suspension after they launched a petition calling out gender dress code bias. Sophomore Jordan Johnson is one of them.

Johnson said the athletic director, Ashley Chapple, told them they couldn’t wear the bras since the team has male coaches.

The athletes who were booted from practice opted to wear sports bras on a hot, sweaty day while their male counterparts were allowed to go shirtless, which the girls deemed as unfair and had not been the practice before. The athletes pointed out that if boys are permitted to train topless, they should be allowed to train in their crop tops.

However, athletic director Chapple said it would be inappropriate.

In response, Johnson created a petition titled “Stop Gender Biased Dress Codes: Allow the Girls Track Team to wear Sports Bras,” which criticized the athletic administration. As of Thursday, the petition garnered over 4,000 signatures.

“The athletic administration staff is attempting to exclude us from our sport as a result of the misinterpretation of the dress code,” according to the Change.org petition. “We’re being punished for practicing in sports bras in the presence of male coaches, while the boys team was asked nicely to put shirts back on and was not punished.”

After the practice incident, the girls’ track team came back to the school to watch a lacrosse game. Three security guards and the athletic director were standing there just to tell the girls that they could not attend.

On Friday, 13 members were suspended and the following day each athlete received a letter that explained the reason behind their suspension. The letter accuses the girls of using foul language during the lacrosse game.

However, the girls claimed they did nothing wrong.

“We were loud, but we did not swear,” student-athlete Alexis Arango said.

“No one was cursing. We were loud because we were outside.” Johnson agreed.

Ron Lesko, director of communications and operations for the Albany school district, said that the athletes were disciplined “due to inappropriate and disrespectful behavior directed toward an administrator,” at a Lacrosse game, not because of their activism.

Twelve of the students have been reinstated, with Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adam noting team members have agreed to participate on a committee that reviews Student Code Conduct for next year, including student attire.

Source: AWM

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