WHOA! Two CNN Hosts Defend Trump?

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Wow: CNN Hosts Side With Trump, Even Defended Him?

When you think of CNN you don’t think “I bet they have something positive to say about President Trump”. In fact, you could call them the ‘Trump trashing station’, and most times you would be right, but here are two examples that might shock you.

As Written By Thomas Lifson With American Thinker:

What on Earth is going on at CNN, the most anti-Trump TV operation of all?  Has the ratings disaster of chronic third-place status in the cable news ratings provoked some introspection?  Or is reality starting to sink in?  I am puzzled, but I expect that conspiracy theorists on the left already are devising scenarios to explain uncharacteristic positions by two of CNN’s most prominent hosts.

On Friday, Anderson Cooper took on Trump-hating California Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell and shut him down when he attempted to weave an election conspiracy theory.  Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire caught the moment:

Appearing on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) brought up the messages that were discovered between Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone and WikiLeaks as he suggested that the American public was not being told the truth…

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Cooper wasn’t alone. One CNN host sided with President Trump, at least in terms of handling China. Take a Look:

According to Finacial Review, The Chinese industrial playbook consists of restricting market access for foreign technology, media and advanced manufacturing firms, intellectual property (IP) theft, cyber hacking of offshore competitors, buying foreign rivals in strategically important sectors and favouring state-owned enterprises.

US business has been the No.1 victim and has had a gutful of the unlevel playing field.

For all his overblown bluster about China destroying US manufacturing jobs – automation is a bigger factor – and outdated claims about artificial yuan devaluation, Beijing is now trying to strengthen the currency, Trump has tapped into legitimate misgivings.

Do you think their ratings dropped with their liberal viewers? Let us know in the comments below.

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