While We All Suffer At The Pump, Biden Got Caught Kissing His Own….

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Joe Biden is bragging now that gas prices are down by a small amount from record highs. Biden Tweeted that Gas prices declined by 60 cents per gallon.

“Gas prices have declined by an average of 60 cents per gallon over the past 38 days.” Biden wrote.

When Biden took office, costs continue to climb amid unprecedented inflation, and the gas price spike keeps getting worse, reaching record highs over the spring and summer and climbing above $6 a gallon in states such as California, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, and Washington.

An increase of roughly 20 cents in a week, to hit a national average of $4.76 another record-breaking day for gas prices.

The American Automobile Association says that the national average gasoline price jumped five cents to a new high of $4.92 per gallon. More than a year ago, before Biden, Americans were paying less than $3 a gallon for gas with a national average price of a gallon of gasoline being only $2.42.

The report notes that the rising concern over inflation has caused Biden’s approval ratings to plummet to about 39 percent.

But now a gallon of gas is at $4.36 as the national average price. The Americans are not anymore in the disastrous days of $5 a gallon gasoline from a month ago as one analyst warned.

On Monday morning, Biden continued to brag that the Regular-grade gasoline’s average price in the United States fell 32 cents to $4.54 a gallon during the previous two weeks.

In a series of tweets Biden touted falling gas prices, and patted himself on the back:

Biden claimed on Friday:

Gas prices have declined by an average of 60 cents per gallon over the past 38 days. Five straight weeks of gas prices coming down,” and on Sunday, Biden bragged, “Make that 65 cents down over 40 days.” With a little bit of storytelling, Biden wrote, “I grew up in a family where if the price of gas went up, we felt it. Gas prices have dropped since mid-June and should continue to come down in the days and weeks ahead. I know those extra dollars and cents mean something.”

From his personal Twitter account, Biden tweeted on Saturday, With oil prices coming down 20% from June highs, it’s unacceptable that prices at the pump have only come down by half as much. It’s time for oil and gas companies to pass these lower costs on to Americans.”

In another tweet on Saturday, Biden declared:

“Americans have seen gas prices drop by about 60 cents a gallon in the last month, saving the average driver about $30/month. An extra 60 cents a gallon back in your pocket is meaningful. It’s breathing room. And we’re not done working to lower costs for families.”

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm cheering Biden about the price of gasoline and electricity in America, Granholm says, “We’re witnessing the beginning of one of the most significant events in human history… It can’t progress fast enough.”

But the RNC Research hit back, tweeting, Gas cost $2.39 per gallon when Joe Biden took office … and he’s bragging about gas costing over $4.30 per gallon.”

With Author Michael Shellenberger also fired back, “Because of temporary releases of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which can’t last. We need more production, which you aren’t allowing.”

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