While New York Is Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Homeless, There’s One Group That’s Getting The Shaft….

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The crippling impact of President Biden’s flawed border policies continues to escalate, with illegal immigrants reaping better resources than our own homeless veterans, struggling children, and other disadvantaged Americans.

Rather than focusing on domestic challenges, NYC Mayor Eric Adams appears more invested in providing a lavish welcome mat to these illegals, flagrantly bypassing the needs of his constituents.

The so-called solution to the mushrooming and dangerous homeless encampments pervading New York City – a task force created by the Adams administration – has been revealed as largely ineffectual. Data from City Hall, as shared by The New York Post, has shown a starkly low success rate of the initiative. Out of 3,408 engagements with the homeless from March 2022 to April 2023, a mere 166 individuals found shelter post-sweeps, representing less than 5%.

While NYC residents continue to languish under dire conditions, Adams has made it a priority to offer illegal immigrants free healthcare, housing, food, supplies, and even cell phones. The onslaught of over 47,100 migrants into the city due to Biden’s ill-conceived border policies has prompted Adams to sidestep standard government oversight procedures, allocating control of emergency relief operations for illegals to the city’s public hospital system.

A glaring example of this preferential treatment is a memorandum from October 2022 between the City and the New York City Health + Hospitals Corporation outlining the establishment of “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers” (HERRCs). The document spells out the City’s commitment to compensating the H+H for the centers’ construction and operation costs, an expense inching towards an exorbitant $100 million.

Simultaneously, Adams announced the creation of a vast shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, with a capacity to accommodate 1,000 single men. This facility is the fifth of its kind to have been inaugurated recently due to the national repercussions of Biden’s porous border policy. However, the illegals residing in Hell’s Kitchen’s Watson Hotel, enjoying amenities funded by taxpayers, resist relocation to this mega-shelter.

The Bowery Mission has estimated a staggering 70,000 homeless individuals, including children, in the New York Metro area. In stark contrast, the Independent Budget Office predicts that the city will shell out nearly $600 million annually on shelter, education, medical care, and legal aid for illegals in the city. Even public elementary school gymnasiums have been converted into shelters for these illegal immigrants under the Adams administration.

In its defense, City Hall boasts a six-fold increase in shelter placement in the task force’s first year. Yet critics and homeless outreach groups remain unconvinced. Norman Siegel, a civil rights lawyer who helped launch a volunteer outreach program to aid homeless individuals, stated, “The business community, the homeless advocates, and even two-thirds of street homeless, they don’t want to have homeless people living on the streets of New York.”

He expressed hope that, with such a common goal, the city should be doing better. It’s high time for our leaders to reconsider their misplaced priorities and focus on those who have faithfully served and supported this great nation.

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