What The Freak? COVID Beach Grim Reaper Makes A Run For Florida AG

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Ultra liberal legal representative, Daniel Uhlfelder, may be best known for his fear-mongering design of political movie theater and also publicity stunts he drew throughout the pandemic. Uhlfelder, better called the ‘Covid beach pale horse’, has revealed that he is competing attorney general of the United States in Florida.

Uhlfelder introduced he’s running in a nearly 2-minute-long video clip on Twitter where he paradoxically banged ‘elbow chair activists’ as he recorded himself remaining on the sofa.

“Well, that’s not actually me,” he says as video footage of him walking the coastlines in his grim reaper outfit appears on the screen. “Actually, that’s me. The individual in the outfit.”

Undoubtedly, he’ll be running under the Democratic event, that else? Uhlfelder created on his article, “Ron DeSantis as well as his sidekicks in Tallahassee have been warned. The ‘reaper’ will certainly be running against incumbent Republican Ashley Moody, who won 52.1 percent of the enact 2018.

Something informs me, they’re not stressed.

Uhlfelder explains himself in the ad as “your ordinary attorney and also married man,” that was born as well as elevated in Florida by parents who “immersed us in social justice, and also presented us to political leaders who actually defended what was right.”

In the video clip the staged attorney truly lays the Nazi rhetoric on thick saying, “maturing, my moms and dads never let me forget it.” He proceeds, “there’s a great deal of harassing taking place right now,” as footage of neo-Nazis objecting in front of a Starbucks plays. “And also what do you expect when these are the faces of Florida’s leaders,” he says as pictures of DeSantis, Moody, and also United State Representative Matt Gaetz appear on the display.


Before his pale horse feat, Uhlfelder was an activist combating for public beach accessibility in Florida. The advertisement reveals a clip of him being challenged by cops while he established on an exclusive coastline. He additionally opposed the Confederate flag in Florida, according to the advertisement.

“So I guess advocacy is sort of in my blood,” he said, including that his kids are still young enough that they’re not shamed by him, “yet.”

These pandemic dems are a league all their own, aren’t they? Oh well, it deserved a laugh.

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