WH Leak: Documents Show Just How Screwed We Are

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This is pathetic. We all saw that Biden was not up for the job back when he was campaigning. But this really just drives that point home. Leaked Documents from the White House show that The Biden Admin had no contingency plan in place for Afghanistan if the Taliban took over. But they were told 8 months prior that it was very likely the Taliban would take over Afghanistan when we evacuate…

Leaked documents allegedly show the White House wasn’t prepared to evacuate Afghanistan citizens just hours before the Taliban took control of the country’s capital.

Notes of a Situation Room meeting obtained by Axios show Biden administration officials scrambled at the last minute to solidify a plan as Taliban forces swiftly seized power in the country during a US withdrawal.

A National Security Council summary of conclusions on “Relocations out of Afghanistan” shows the outcome of an Aug. 14, 2021 meeting of aides to top administration officials as they tried to outline key exit-plan details one day before the Taliban took control of Kabul, Axios reported.”

The document added that the US Embassy in Kabul would tell locally employed staff to “begin to register their interest” in relocation to the US and prepare “immediately” for departure.

The document further revealed that the administration was planning to evacuate at least 5,000 individuals from Afghanistan per day and would prioritize US citizens and their family members, followed by US government employees and contractors; embassy staff; Afghan contractors working with the embassy; CIA “priority partners”; and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants “who are post-Chief of Mission and have approved I-360 Petitions.

The meeting was chaired by White House homeland security adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall and included Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman Gen. John Hyten. It was held on the afternoon of the 14th and lasted an hour. Hours after it adjourned, the Taliban entered Kabul and its fighters lounged in the vacated presidential palace.

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne told Axios it wouldn’t comment on leaked documents, but said “cherry-picked notes from one meeting do not reflect the months of work” underway at the time.”

Earlier this month, CNN reported that approximately 80 Americans still remain in the embattled country – five months after the last US troops left.”

So they had 8 months to prep for the evacuation knowing that the Taliban was most likely going to take over And They Didn’t Have A Plan… And the Biden Admin is supposed to lead us for almost 3 more years… It’s no wonder our adversaries are doing whatever they want.


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