Watch: Ref Violently Shoved Away as Chaos Breaks Out at Mayweather Exhibition Fight

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First, the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and John Gotti III ended.

Then the fight began.

The contest Sunday night was billed as an exhibition, and the 46-year-old Mayweather was fully in control throughout the bout at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

The New York Post noted that the Hall of Fame boxer flashed a smile before whacking Gotti with a jab in the fourth round.

And, yes, for those recalling the name, Gotti is the grandson of New York mob boss John Gotti.


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Referee Kenny Bayless tried to keep the two separated and get the trash-talking stopped, according to WTVJ-TV in Miami.

By the sixth round, he had had enough. Bayless ended the contest, saying Gotti was disqualified for holding.

As the fight was called, Gotti appeared to say “F*** you” to Mayweather.

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Then the punches began to fly in earnest.

Gotti stalked Mayweather with wild swings as the entourages of both fighters entered the ring to throw punches at anyone who seemed interested in swinging back.

WARNING: The following videos contain violence and language that some viewers may find offensive.


Ref Shoved Away as Chaos Breaks Out at Boxing Legend’s Exhibition Fight

Along the way, when Bayless was standing back watching the mayhem, a fan entered the ring and shoved him.

As the ring devolved into chaos, so did the area, with fights breaking out.

Social media allowed the trash-talking to continue long after the event was over, according to the post.

“Enemy for life. Never put me down or stopped me. It was DQ for no reason,” Gotti posted on his Instagram account.

As reported by Sports Illustrated, Gotti’s sister, Nicolette Gotti, posted a message to Mayweather on Instagram, the politest part of which read, “I swear on my kids I’m coming for your daughter it may be 2 years 3 years from now but I’m coming …”

Mayweather officially retired from boxing with a 50-0 record. Since then, he has held several exhibition fights, winning them all.

Gotti was 5-1 as an MMA fighter and entered the match 2-0 as a boxer.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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