Watch: Disney Character Seems to Provocatively Dance for Children During ‘Pride Night’ Parade

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Day by day, the Walt Disney Company continues to devolve into the anti-family, anti-child company. Its recent “pride parade” at California’s Disneyland is just more evidence of how far Disney has fallen.

On June 13, Disneyland held its first “pride night” parade, with the park’s typical ranks of costumed characters dancing and parading down Main Street and the ever-present fireworks.

But this Disney parade was very different.

On its website, Disneyland described the event as “proud celebration.”

In keeping with that “celebration,” woke Disneyland’s Main Street was festooned with rainbow “pride” colors and beloved Disney characters roamed the streets dancing and cavorting for the crowds.


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@thembody bob iger knows what he’s doing #nonbinarylesbian #lgbtq #queertok #pride #pridemonth #disneyland #disney #disneyparks original sound – [email protected]

One video appears to show chipmunk character Chip dancing suggestively thrusting his hips and dragging his hands across his face and shoulders in a sexual manner.

@ohheychad Get it, Chip! @Disney Parks #disneylandpridenite original sound – Chad

Another video from the parade that night showed Clarabelle the Cow wearing a rainbow dress and sashaying around the street.

@betti_with_an_i #disney #disneyland #disneypridenite #disneyworld #disneyplus #toondisney #lgbt #pride #pridemonth #gay #bi #trans #nonbinary #pan original sound – Betti

The “pride” night was also visited by California’s extremist, left-wing Gov. Gavin Newsom.

@the.happiest.trio Very differnt from another Governor…#disney #disneyland #disneypride original sound – Jen C & C


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The governor also tweeted about the event:

Disney continues to push the gay and transgender agenda, and has for years been purposefully inculcating children with the transgender and LGBT agenda by adding it into its movies, TV shows and streaming offerings. That was years before the company went all-in with a political effort to stop the state of Florida from instituting a law that would prevent the state’s school children from being exposed to inappropriate sexual content in schools.

But that radical agenda has also cost the company millions of dollars and an untold number of fans.

In April, it was reported that Disney had lost more than a quarter of a billion dollars at theaters on just two of its woke failures.

Should Disney be allowed to have children at “pride nights?”

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No: 100% (1 Votes)

And yet, Disney continues to rush headlong toward the radical, anti-child, anti-family gay agenda despite the mounting losses. It appears that the company has not yet learned a thing.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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