Walmart Bans Couple For Wearing Masks On First Day Of Mandatory Mandate

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Many big-name stores have begun enforcing mandatory mask requirements to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Some people flat out refuse to wear a mask for their own personal reasons, either it’s uncomfortable and irritating or they are trying to make a statement about who can and cannot tell them what to do with their bodies.

However, others are choosing to make a statement with their mask. Just about everywhere you look now you can find a mask to fit your personality and style. Want to show off your love of dogs?  What to be more fashion-forward with glitter and sparkles? Maybe you want a mask with your own face on it so you will still be recognized in public. There is a mask for just about everyone.

A couple in Minnesota decided to use their masks to make a different kind of statement which got them banned from shopping at Walmart.

A couple who wore Nazi flag face coverings to a Walmart in Marshall, Minnesota have been told not to return.

Police say the couple has been issued trespass notices. Officials said they are banned from visiting any Walmart facility for at least a year.

Video posted on social media showed the couple going through a checkout lane on Saturday with the masks that featured the Nazi swastika flag. Onlookers appeared shocked by the masks and demanded the couple to remove them.

The woman seen in the video claims that she is not a Nazi but was wearing the symbol as a protest against socialism in America. That seems a little far fetched. Why not just have your mask say “Socialism is bad”? Or “Don’t be a socialist”? That way others will not confuse your antisocialist views for xenophobia and antisemitism.

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