Violence Toward Trump Supporters In Democrat-Run Cities Is Getting Out Of Control

What is happening right now in our country is scary. It's the Democrat-run cities that are forcing police officers to enforce these ridiculous rules put in place by leftist lawmakers with a socialist agenda.

In New York City police officers were called to a private Jewish residence because of complaints being made about "vehicle parking."

The officer stated he looked up and saw that there were several people in the home. It is not known how the officer was able to gain access into the residence but the officer said there were over ten people in the home and that was an "issue."

It is not reported if anyone was arrested or cited.

This is how Jewish Trump supporters are treated in Manhattan.

The caravan tried to continue through the city but dangerous counter-protesters made it unsafe for the Trump supporters.

In spite of the violence against the Jewish community supporting President Donald Trump the MAGA rally in Rockland County, New York, headed into the city.

They continued to drive right into Brooklyn, NYC.

Some arrests were made. One woman was put in handcuffs after pepper-spraying people in the caravan.

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