VIDEO: Paul Ryan’s Function In The Plot To SABOTAGE AMERICA & TRUMP Is Now Public

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Point of view|ICYMI|When House Audio speaker Paul Ryan held an October 10, 2016 conference call with his fellow Republicans he made his intentions in the direction of Donald Trump perfectly clear:

“There are essentially 2 points that I wish to make truly clear as for myself as your Speaker. I am not going to defend Donald Trump, not currently, not in the future.”

Ryan’s declaration came after a Gain access to Hollywood tape was launched that was awkward to then-candidate Trump.

It had to do with as disingenuous a reason imaginable thinking about Ryan never ever made even a peep over evidence that Trump’s challenger, Hillary Clinton, went to the least tangentially, linked to a variety of pedophilia as well as child trafficking instances.

Ryan additionally handed down demanding an examination– or perhaps increasing the topic– right into allegations that the DNC set up the primaries to assure Hillary’s nomination.

Remember that at the time Ryan pledged not to support Trump the FBI as well as DOJ were purportedly conspiring to destroy the Trump candidacy and, after Trump’s election, to damage his presidency.

Throughout this time around Ryan was a member of the Gang of Eight making him one of just four Residence participants being educated by the knowledge area regarding the FBI-DOJ plot to damage Donald Trump.

The only other House Republican in the intelligence loophole was Devin Nunes. Us Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and SSCI Chairman, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) were the two Republican participants of the Us senate privy to the same expertise.

Nunes ultimately became a hero and also real American patriot while the various other three always did not.

As the Spygate scandal has begun unraveling with better speed, we have actually been given the necessary viewpoint to realize the degree Paul Ryan (and McConnell and also Burr) wanted to go in order to safeguard Hillary Clinton and also damage Donald Trump.

Those 3, along with their four Democrat colleagues, purposely overlooked the corruption of virtually every government agency and also department where political leverage might profit Obama, Clinton and the globalist cabal.

Clinton was their last finest hope to protect the intra-government criminal construct bordering the international cabal and its wooling Americans of trillions of dollars to the advantage of international companies and global lenders, that Trump had pledged to end.

David Plouffe was Obama’s campaign manager:


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