VIDEO: Biden Issues Statement On Russian Invasion & It’s A Freakin’ Train Wreckage

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Rich Welsh|On Thursday, Head of state Joe Biden made a statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and also, remarkably, he then took some inquiries from press reporters. The whole point took less than a half hour.

Among other points, the president highlighted the intensity of the assents that the United States as well as various other countries are troubling Russia while at the very same time he claimed that assents will not stop Putin’s aggressiveness against Ukraine.

Since the time of Biden’s declaration, it showed up that there were no sanctions yet imposed versus Vladimir Putin himself who bought the invasion, or anything including the international SWIFT bank. It had not been explained during the statement, yet it seemed like the president emitted the feeling that he did not obtain the complete global support for extra permissions that he bragged about imposing.

After weeks of hyping up the opportunity and afterwards the possibility of a Russian intrusion into Ukraine, the Commander-in-Chief made it clear that there will be no NATO or US military reaction to the Russian invasion. No matter Biden’s challenging talk unsupported claims, the people of Ukraine are alone and also on their own. He did the very same thing to numerous American citizens stuck in Afghanistan, leaving them behind when attempt as they did, they couldn’t get to the Kabul airport terminal in time for the last flight out of the country.

The president stumbled when reading from the teleprompter and also he looked also worse when responding to press reporters’ questions. He grinned at inappropriate times, which some doctors claim is a sign of dementia (not stating Biden has mental deterioration) but enjoying Biden’s efficiency today provides credence to the concept that his noticeable weak point as a leader is just one of the reasons why Putin felt he might get into.


This never would have taken place under Donald Trump, especially after President Trump advised the Russians in Syria that if they continued to enable Spetsnaz (special forces troops that Putin referred to as mercenaries) he would certainly flop them. The Russians really did not think him, and also Trump gave the order to General James Mattis, who got the battle which eliminated about 190 hirelings, 90 of them Russian soldiers. From that time on, Putin believed Trump was too unpredictable, as well as he never ever attempted anything overt again … Source

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