Unemployment Rates In Blue States Show How Democrats Are Ruining The Country

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Democratic governors have taken away just about every part of our lives during 2020 so far and they are now aiming at destroying the holidays by allowing unemployment rates to continue to grow.

They are claiming that blue states have a higher population density than red states and that is why they have not opened back up. However, a recent study shows that the population density has nothing to do with the coronavirus infection rate.

Democratic states such as New York may have a high population density but it also has the highest death count per capita despite their extreme lockdowns. It is those continued restrictions that are destroying the economy and that is causing people to fell from Democrat-run areas.

In what is the most prevalent data to come out is that Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for killing the economy and their electorate because of their stupid pride.

Carrie Sheffield of Just The News reported:

In red states (those voting Republican for president in all four of the last four elections), the combined unemployment rate stood at 6.6%. Among blue states (those that voted Democrat in all four of the last four presidential elections) the figure was 10.5%. Among purple states (all of the others, either split 2 and 2 or 3 wins for one party and one win for the other), the unemployment figure was 7.8%.

So blue state unemployment rate is 10.5% which is 59% higher than the 6.6% rate in red states.

Even within the purple states, there was a familiar, albeit far less pronounced, partisan discrepancy: Purple states led by Republican governors had an unemployment rate of 7.3%, while the rate for purple states with Democratic governors was 8.2%.

So the top ten states with the lowest unemployment rates are all Republican-run and those with the highest unemployment rates are all run by Democrats. The numbers don’t lie.

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