Two Major News Networks Forced to Eat Crow

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MSNBC and CNN were forced to eat crow after President Donald Trump after he had addressed the alleged Russian election collusion crap during his first sit-down meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Numerous anchors and other pundits from those media outlets had assumed that President Trump wouldn’t even bring up the interference “issue” because they all believe he has a “cozy relationship” with Vladimir Putin.

“Some early reports that sound like he doesn’t intend to [bring up meddling],” CNN’s Susan Hennessey guessed. “The idea that at the same moment or early before he would choose to, once again, raise these issues on his Twitter feed really just puts sort of the starkness and sort of bizarreness of his to not bring this up to President Putin.”

“[Trump’s Podesta tweets] are just another indicator that of the fact that he was probably never going to press [interference] too hard in this meeting,” a CNN guest opined.

“What should be happening in a normal world is Donald Trump should go in there saying, ‘we know you’ve been meddling in the election, we’re going to continue to squeeze you.” said MSNBC’s Ali Velshi.

Our President, in fact and according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, stated that President Trump had indeed pressed Putin on the possible election interference multiple times. And it was the first topic raised at their meeting.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria had a particularly astute observation early Friday, guessing that bringing up election meddling would be a great political move for Trump because the media would be forced to report positively on the meeting.

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