Twitter Liberals Attack Former Marine For Defending His Beliefs

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Major Hollywood actor Adam Driver, best known for his role as Kylo Ren in ‘Star Wars’ is under attack on Twitter.

The hashtag #AdamDriverIsOverParty started trending on Twitter on April 20th in response to an interview with New Yorker in 2019. Driver talks about how he joined the Marines at the age of 18 just after the September 11th attacks when he found himself full of desire to defend his country. The interview reads, “After 9/11, he found himself filled with a desire for retribution, although he wasn’t sure against what or whom. He says ‘It wasn’t against Muslims. It was: We were attacked. I want to fight for my country against whoever that is.'”

This statement alone sparked controversy and was enough to send some Twitter users into an uproar accusing Driver of Islamophobia. They then start using the hashtag calling for Driver’s “cancellation.”

In the beginning, nearly all the tweets using the hashtag were from people coming to the actor’s defense. One tweet using the hashtag read, “Why is this a thing. He’s probably one of the least controversial people out there.” A producer and novelist, Kamran Pasha even stood up for him and tweeted, “Adam Driver is one of the finest actors of our generation, and a decent and honorable man by all accounts. As a Muslim filmmaker working in Hollywood, he has my full support. With everything happening in the world, today is not the day for an #AdamDriverIsOverParty.”

For some unknown reason, maybe mob mentality, people starting to turn against him.

One Twitter user wrote, “Well, okay, I’ve said that I have nothing against him. That’s over now.”

Adam Driver was medically discharged from the Marines and later went on to enroll in the Julliard School. He is also responsible for founding the non-profit Arts in the Armed Forces, which helps veterans find careers in the performing arts.

What has the world come to where heroes of our country are being attacked for standing up for what they believe in?

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