Trump Supporter To Chairman Nadler, “You’ll Be Exposed For Treason!”

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House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler was getting on an elevator headed to the impeachment hearing when he was called out by a supporter of President Trump.

As Nadler was getting on the elevator the man confronted him and told him what he really thought about what he and other Democrats were doing.

The Trump supporter who goes by the Twitter name Ben Bergquam yelled at Nadler, “Shame on you, Chairman Nadler! Shame on you! You’ve broken your oath, but you know what? Keep doin it! Keep doing it because the American people see through it — it’s gonna work in President Trump’s favor. Keep it up! Keep it up!”

Nadler, clearly getting flustered by the encounter tried to close the elevator quickly by pressing the buttons, but the doors kept opening back up allowing the man to continue to express his freedom of speech.

The man yells, “Shame on you, sir! Trump 2020! Trump 2020! Trump 2020! God Bless America! Shame on you, sir! You will be exposed for your treason!”

This man is absolutely correct though. What the Democrats have been doing to President Trump really is treason, in every sense of the word.

If you think back for a moment, they started saying that they would impeach President Trump at the very beginning of his presidency in 2016. But really the treason started before that when Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluded with the FBI to create the Steele Dossier that was made up of fabricated evidence.

From the beginning they have refused to back off and have consistently tried to find something, anything, to accuse him of in order to impeachment. Even if that means breaking the rules and spewing lies.

Hopefully when all of this is said and done many of these corrupt career politician Democrats will lose their bids for reelection and Republicans will regain the House.

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