Trump Receives Thunderous Welcome At NRA Atlanta 2017

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POTUS Trump stepped on the stage and the crowd went wild! Thousands of gun loving, god fearing, Americans welcomed the President with thunderous applause today. Trump once was in support of gun control but has since changed his tune and has shown to be a fierce champion of the Second Amendment, which earned him a $30,000,000 backing in campaign support.

“Only one candidate in the general election came to speak to you, and that candidate is now the president of the United States, standing before you,” Mr. Trump said. “You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you.”

The president was received as a hero, in part for successfully installing a conservative Supreme Court justice, Neil M. Gorsuch, who is seen as a likely protector of the Second Amendment. Mr. Trump in turn treated the gun convention like a political rally, joyfully recalling his election victory and mocking the journalists and Democrats who were confident that he would lose.

“Remember, they said there is no path to 270,” he said, referring to the number of electoral votes a candidate needs to win the presidency. “There is no route — there is no route to 270. We ended up with 306, so they were right.”

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