Tokyo Olympics Suffer Another Huge Loss

There are a lot of folks out there who are beginning to believe that the 2020/2021 Olympic Games just shouldn’t be happening. At all.

The major concern that many are citing is the fact the coronavirus crisis is not exactly under control in Tokyo, where the games are being held, and that the IOC, (along with the Japanese government), are simply trying to recoup whatever losses they can on the entire boondoggle.

Now, with several athletes in the Olympic Village already coming down with COVID, and other first-rate athletes being excluded from the games over archaic and arbitrary rules about cannabis, the games will no longer be an exhibition of the world’s best, but more of a competition between who decided to show up.

On account of all that, it appears that Toyota has decided to back out of its advertising plans for Tokyo 2020.

Toyota won’t be airing any Olympic-themed advertisements on Japanese television during the Tokyo Games despite being one of the IOC’s top corporate sponsors.

The extraordinary decision by the country’s top automaker underlines how polarizing the Games have become in Japan as COVID-19 infections rise ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony.

“There are many issues with these Games that are proving difficult to be understood,” Toyota Chief Communications Officer Jun Nagata told reporters Monday.

Chief Executive Akio Toyoda, the company founder’s grandson, will be skipping the opening ceremony. That’s despite about 200 athletes taking part in the Olympics and Paralympics who are affiliated with Toyota, including swimmer Takeshi Kawamoto and softball player Miu Goto.

Toyota has maintained that they will continue to support their stable of athletes who are competing at the games, however.

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