They Said This Young Girl Was Possessed, What It Really Was Will Make You See Red…

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Most drinkers are aware of the importance of never leaving their drink unattended and being present while it is prepared, but not everyone learns these skills from an early age, which can result in hazardous situations.

That is what happened to 18-year-old Millie Taplin from England, who went out to a bar to celebrate turning legal drinking age. She paid for her own drinks, but at one point a man offered her one and said, “Try it.” Shortly after that, she needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

Millie Taplin

Troubled by her daughter’s condition after learning what had allegedly led to her impaired and frightening state, Millie’s mom whipped out her camera and recorded the harrowing footage of her “possessed” daughter, after learning what had allegedly led to her impaired and frightening state — troubled by her daughter’s condition.

Millie’s mother Claire published the video in an effort to spread awareness about what happened to Millie. The video of the young woman shows her appearing to move her head and jaw around uncontrollably and her hands clenched into “claws.”

Millie Taplin

Minutes after having just a couple of sips of the vodka and lemonade cocktail, Millie felt sick. She knew she wasn’t drunk but did not feel right and told her friends “I’ve been spiked.” Soon, she couldn’t talk and lost control of her hands and legs. Her friends called her sister and together they took her to the hospital. Doctors suspect the drink she was given had been spiked with two drugs, one to paralyze her and one to knock her out.

Claire Taplin recalled the incident, “It was horrendous, she looked possessed.” Before urging others to share her post to make people aware, the terrified mother then wrote in a Facebook post, featuring a before and after picture of Millie, “This is what being spiked looks like please be careful when out, my daughter was lucky she had good friends that acted accordingly.”

Millie Taplin

“I had no idea what was going on, I can’t describe what it was like seeing her like that. I’ve never seen anything like it. Millie was aware of what was happening but couldn’t speak,” Claire furthered.She felt sick almost immediately and went outside. She knew she wasn’t drunk but was slumped in a nearby alleyway,” she added, describing the terrifying ordeal her daughter went through.

Millie was “completely out of it” the next day but has since recovered. Her mother wants her story shared for good reason, even though Millie recovered.

Expressing her gratitude, Claire acknowledge Millie’s friends, whom she believes may have saved her daughter’s life, she said, “I’m so thankful her friends were there for her, otherwise who knows what would have happened.”

“There are no words for what I could say to the person responsible,” she admitted, as for the man responsible, Claire had a different kind of message.

“I had a couple of sips, not a lot because it was a strong drink and I don’t like strong drinks! I went back out to the smoking area with my friends and went back in about 10 minutes later, that’s when I started to feel a bit sick. I started to feel really hot so I told my friends I need to go outside [to] get some fresh air,” Millie said, after recovering, recalling the night’s frightening events.

“I was sick in the alleyway opposite [the club] and that’s when I couldn’t see properly, I couldn’t feel my hands. I knew that I wasn’t right, I was trying to speak and was stuttering and mumbling,” Millie recalled. Claiming that for about five minutes after accepting the drink Millie Taplin began to feel unwell. She walked outside, feeling like she was going to be sick. Her vision then became blurred and she was unable to walk.

Following Millie’s meeting with the mysterious man who allegedly spiked her drink with an unidentified substance, MooMoo, the nightclub where the claimed event took place, has since released advice for partygoers.

A spokesperson said, according to the Echo, “We urge all customers to be present when their drink is ordered and that they do not leave it unattended. The alleged drink spiked appears to have been accepted from a person known to the lady affected and whilst it was not reported to us at the time, we are assisting the police who are dealing with the matter.”

The fact that Millie supposedly drank very little of the adulterated beverage makes her ordeal all the more troubling. “Millie only took two sips of the drink. We’re lucky it wasn’t any more [than that], she was really excited about going out on Saturday, she was so happy. It’s such a shame,” her mother said.

Watch the video below for more details:

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