They Rented Their House To A Section Eight Family, How It Was Left On Moveout Day Will Make You Sick….

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In pursuit of government subsidies for their mortgage payments, a landlord made the decision to rent out their beautiful home to Section 8 tenants. Unfortunately, the tenants who ended up living in the rental did not show the property the respect that the landlord had hoped for. A Reddit user shared the story of how the tenants trashed the entire two-story property after getting a good deal to live in it.

The Reddit user commented that renting to Section 8 tenants is a bad idea, citing that they “always wreck their rentals, lower housing prices in the area, and have the cops show up every few nights because of various domestic disturbances and drug offenses.” However, this statement is stereotyping Section 8 renters and is not entirely true. Many Section 8 renters are just looking for an opportunity to get affordable rent so they can improve their lives.

Another Reddit user who grew up in Section 8 housing defended Section 8 renters by saying, “My family grew up in Section 8 housing. We never trashed or ruined houses. We just needed the help because of my parents’ divorce and my sister’s health problems. Now that it’s just my mom and sister they’re trying to move closer to her doctors, and no one will take section 8.”

The video of the trashed property received numerous comments on Reddit. One viewer commented, “Good lord. I want to cry for this guy. The house was beautiful before they f***ed it all up. It would probably put me off ever renting again if I was him.”

While some landlords have bad luck with tenants, there are also those who have the luck of getting fantastic, reliable tenants who take good care of their rental properties. One landlord who has been charging their tenants $250 below market price for the last 5 years said, “The piece of mind I get is worth it to me, especially since I live in another state.”

It’s unfortunate that the landlord’s property was trashed, as landlords do their best to find tenants who will respect and take care of their property. However, not everyone is able to find tenants who are as good as the landlord with the beach condo rental.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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