These Brave Deputies Sat Down To Eat, Then They Were Handed A Note That Made Them Drop Their Forks….

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Unless you have a friend or family member in uniform, you may not think about the police all that often until you really need them (or get a speeding ticket). That’s unfortunate because even though you don’t interact with them every day, they’re out on the job all day and night protecting us and staying ready to respond to 911 calls.

Police officers don’t always get a lot of appreciation for the dangerous work they do, so take a look at this server who decided a heartfelt note, expressing her gratitude.

Online buzz has been generated by a waitress at Fresco’s Kitchen and Grill in Rexburg who showed some Madison County Sheriff Deputies some courtesy.

On a Tuesday afternoon, two Madison County Sheriff deputies were having lunch at Frescos Kitchen & Grill in Rexburg when they received their final bill and discovered an unexpected surprise.

After taking care of their meals at Fresco’s Kitchen and Grill, a waiter decided to take care of their bill as well and left a note.

The note read:

“I know it’s not even close to enough, but this one’s on me as a small thank you, You guys sacrifice so much for us & I greatly appreciate it,” according to KOMO News.

Madison County Sheriff

The thank-you card from their waiter, who kindly covered the cost of their lunch, moved the deputies, and they weren’t the only ones.

Evidently, the gesture touched their coworkers as well, since a “note” from the sheriff’s office followed, and the deputies’ supervisor posted on social media thanking the server for their thoughtful gift along with a picture of it.

The sheriff’s office writes:

“Once again the incredible support from our community shines! This is a photo of the note left on the tab of two of our deputies by their server at Frescos Kitchen & Grill after they had lunch this afternoon. We can not express out gratitude enough. This is always unexpected and always hits the heartstrings of all of us here at the Sheriff’s Office. We love our great community and are proud to serve here, we know we have immense support from the community but it still comes as such an unexpected surprise when such kindness is extended to us. To: whomever it was that did this kind and generous deed…THANK YOU! Thank you as a Sheriff’s Office and thank you as their supervisor, it gives me great comfort knowing that there are others who are watching over and caring for our deputies!”

Well, Police officers don’t always get the respect and appreciation they deserve, but you can help change that. It isn’t always about the big shows of support. Sometimes small acts of kindness are just as powerful.

So take example this server, you can also use them to show the officers in your town how much you appreciate them. Even the smallest gesture will mean the world to the men and women who serve behind the badge.

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