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A drone video of a man suspected of setting fires in southern Italy has busted the popular narrative in the media and in government that “climate change” is behind global a spate of wildfires.

Over the course of the last several months, wildfires in Canada have generated headlines as Americans in the northeast have dealt with the smoke.

A July 1 report published by the Associated Press of the fires claimed, “Climate change keeps making wildfires and smoke worse.”

Similar wildfires in California — where such blazes have been common as long as the area has been inhabited — have also been blamed on the left’s climate change boogieman.

A professor named Michael Mann from the University of Pennsylvania portrayed the blazes as something the world will have to grapple with as human behavior will presumably make the planet uninhabitable.

“Is this a new normal?” he told the AP. “No, it’s a new abnormal… It continues to get worse. If we continue to warm the planet, we don’t settle into some new state. It’s an ever-moving baseline of worse and worse.”

In spite of the well-known fact that summers can be hot and dry — a perfect cocktail for fire — we’ve been told the culprit is the failure of the world to embrace green energy.

While North America has faced large wildfires this year, they are also occurring in Italy, where some of them do appear to be manmade.

Police operating a drone in the Italian region of Calabria recently filmed a man sparking fires in the countryside of the area.

After he became aware of the presence of the drone, the man on the video began to throw rocks at it:

The U.K.’s Independent reported Roberto Occhiuto, the president of the region, said 22 people suspected of setting wildfires have recently been filmed in the act by police drones.

It is unclear how many of those people have been arrested and charged. But their actions are inconvenient for those who continue to push the climate doom agenda on the rest of the world.

Some of Italy’s fires are most certainly to blame on human activities — activities such as intentionally setting fires.

It is not known if some wildfires across North America that have wreaked havoc on air quality and wildlife throughout the past few months can be blamed on arson, which can be difficult to trace.

Residents of New York City dealt with the smoke in June in an event that was sued to stoke fear:

But the left’s gloomy narratives surrounding climate change and its supposed threat to all life as we know it took a hit when police in Italy released that video and when authorities in Greece said arson was also the culprit of many of its fires:

As the left collectively blames human activity for the phenomenon that has commonly been referred to as “summer,” there is no doubt entire regions are at risk of fires by human activity.

In Italy, Greece and presumably in other places, the culprits are not those whose activities include driving, raising livestock or flying to popular seasonal destinations.

Malevolent people are responsible for fires by quite literally setting them with the apparent intent to see them grow as large as possible.

Some people simply want to watch the world burn.

Meanwhile, their actions are sure to be used by the climate lobby to tell people around the world that they pose an existential threat to the planet because they refuse to eat bugs.


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