The Vice President & Press Secretary Got Caught In Their Own Web Of Lies

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Jen Psaki’s job is to give reporters the runaround and to distract them from the reality of the pain that the Biden regime is dealing out on America.

During a recent press briefing this week, Psaki addressed the matter that Kamala Harris was exposed to the Democrats from Texas who decided to go on vacation instead of doing their job.

As a result, several of them ended up contracting ȻOVID. Harris was around them and then she ended up having an unexpected visit to Walter Reed hospital.

Psaki said, “I think the Vice President’s Office put out that she was tested, and that she did — there was no detection of ȻOVID-19.”

But then, Harris’ office said something different in a statement over the weekend.

On Tuesday, July 13th, Vice President Harris met with members of the Texas state legislature who are temporarily in Washington, D.C. Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that two of the members at that meeting tested positive for COVID-19. Based on the timeline of these positive tests, it was determined the Vice President and her staff present at the meeting were not at risk of exposure because they were not in close contact with those who tested positive and therefore do not need to be tested or quarantined. The Vice President and her staff are fully vaccinated.

“The vice president is tested regularly as is her staff and that as a part of that regular testing, she was tested this weekend and COVID-19 was not detected. That is not in conflict with the statement we put out Saturday.”

Those are definitely conflicting statements.

So Politico called them out on it to which her Harris’ spokesperson Symone Sanders said both statements were true.

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