The Truth Finally Came Out About Joe Biden And The Riots But You’ll Be Shocked By Where It Came From

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Chris Cuomo, host of Cuomo Prime Time, and Don Lemon are two of CNN’s worst when it comes to news anchoring. Between the two of them, they may not have spoken one once of truth during their entire careers.

But maybe the lies are starting to get to them and they just can’t keep it up anymore because in a rare moment they were caught on camera being very honest about Joe Bien, the Democrats, and even the rioting that is plaguing the country right now.

Lemon said, That’s all you. This is where I come in. We’ll get to that. But when you said it’s too little too late, I don’t know about that. I mean, we still have a lot of time left until election day. I do think that this —what you said was happening in Kenosha is a Rorschach test for the entire country. I think this is a blind spot for Democrats. I think Democrats are hoping this will go away, and it’s not going to go away.”

I think maybe Joe Biden may be afraid to do it,” he continued. “I’m not sure. Maybe he won’t, maybe he is. He’s got to address it. He’s got to come out and talk about it. He’s got to do a speech like Barack Obama did about race. He’s got to come out and tell people that he’s going to deal with the issue of police reform in this country, and that’s what’s happening now is happening under Donald Trump’s watch. When he is the president, Kamala Harris is the vice president. Then they will take care of this problem. But guess what? The rioting has to stop. Chris, as you know, and I know it’s showing up in the polling, it’s showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing right now that is sticking.”

“And they’re rioters, not protesters. They’re criminals, he added.

This is truly a monumental day. Watch the entire exchange below.

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