The Tiger King’s Legal Team Heads To The White House To Ask For A Pardon

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Joe Exotic, from Netflix series ‘Tiger King’, is not ready to give up. His new legal team has stayed true to their word and has hit the road heading toward Washington D.C. where they plan on asking President Trump to pardon the ‘Tiger King’ star.

Eric Love is the leader of Team Tiger, as they are calling themselves. He shared a video from the official “Please Pardon Joe Exotic” tour bus giving updates while driving the 1,300 miles to the White House.

Love and the rest of the Exotic’s legal team have only one goal in mind as they head out of Fort Worth, Texas, and make their trip to the nation’s capital. They’re hoping all the support and encouragement from Joe’s fans will grab the President’s attention.

Team Tiger’s official stance is that not only is Joe Exotic not guilty of trying to set up a hit to get his rival, Carol Baskin, killed but also that he was framed for the whole thing.

The Tiger King’s lawyers are also appealing his conviction and pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against several people involved in his criminal trial.

They realize that a pardon from the President of the United States is a huge thing to ask but they believe it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Back around the beginning of April President Trump tossed around the idea when asked about the Tiger King at a coronavirus briefing. Reporter Jim Acosta asked the President if he thought the pardon was a good idea. At the time Trump said he knew “nothing about it” but also added that he’d “look into it.”

Team Tiger is scheduled to arrive in Washington D.C. sometime Tuesday afternoon.

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