The Pressure Is Getting To The Democratic Candidates As Another One Drops From The Race

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The pressure is on and the Democrats can’t seem to handle the heat. Three days in a row, they have dropped out of the running for President.

First, there was Tom Steyer, then Pete Buttigieg announced his withdrawal. And now we have Amy Klobuchar.

According to The Daily Wire Klobuchar tried to bill herself as a moderate and the least extreme Democrat candidate in the race and still was more far-left than any president in decades.

The Daily Wire reported, “Klobuchar’s prosecutorial background, gentle public (though perhaps not private) demeanor and background from a largely rural state combine to make her somewhat more centrist-oriented than many of her 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination rivals. However, Klobuchar can still be fairly characterized as a full-spectrum leftist/progressive. Her 2020 presidential campaign emphasizes universal/socialized medicine and climate change, among other issues.”

Klobuchar’s performance was poor throughout the Democrats’ first four primary contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

From an outside perspective, it appears that Joe Biden could be buying these individuals off, but that is just pure speculation. Biden knows that the uphill battle to try to beat Bernie Sanders is going to be a tough one. No one else was going to be able to do it. Biden’s staff came to the conclusion that the only way to beat Sanders was to force out any other top-performing candidates in order to gain delegates and since the DNC is not a fan of Sanders they’re going to give those votes to Biden.

Biden’s only option is to take a commanding lead and try to force Bernie out before he says something that will be his own undoing. Because the longer this goes on the stupider the things are that fly out of his mouth.

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