The CDC Changed The Rules AGAIN But This Could Change Your Life

It's officially been over one year since the world began to suffer the consequences and learn in tandem the effects of a worldwide pandemic. Together we all had to learn how to renavigate the world in a way that mitigates the risk to both the population and the economy in a way that is fair and just.

This has been no easy feat. We are dealing with a novel virus after all as well as the ever-changing guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so there have been some confusing moments.

One such case stands out and it involves disinfectants.

If you are still stocking up on disinfectant wipes for your home, you may not need to do so anymore. The CDC has released new guidelines on what’s needed to get rid of coronavirus on surfaces.

Now that more research has been done, the CDC says plain soap and water is enough to clean most household surfaces.

In the beginning of the pandemic, people were going so far as wiping down groceries with disinfectant. The wipes became difficult to find and stores limited how many you could buy.

But new guidance based on the latest research shows the risk of being infected by a contaminated surface is low.

This is a far different suggestion than we received at the start of the pandemic when much of the nation was still wiping down their delivered groceries with Clorox wipes and Lysol.

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